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LCR Grant Information

Approval Process

All grants must go through an internal approval process before the grant application can be submitted to a funding agency. The approval process is designed to ensure that areas which would be impacted by a grant are informed prior to the grant being submitted, grants are not in competition with each other for limited funding, and resources are adequate to sustain the work of the grant. Additionally review through the approval process will highlight areas for collaboration, possible synergies and in the end make our grant application process more sucessful.

LCR Grant and/or Funding Approval Form

Process before submission

  • Grant applications must be submitted to the Grants Coordinator at least 1 week in advance of the Proposal Deadline Date.
  • A budget must accompany the proposal. (LCR Financial Administration will help with this process if desired.)
  • The Grants Coordinator after reviewing the submission will inform the Prinicple Investigator which other units need to be consulted.
  • A completed LCR Grant and/or Funding Approval Form with signatures from the Unit Heads or Associated University Librarians impacted by the proposal must be submitted to the Grants Coordinator before the grant application can be submitted.
  • In those cases where the grant application requires the signature of the "Person authorized to commit the resources of the organization",  that signature is deemed to be that of the Vice Provost LCR.

Process once the Proposal is Funded

  • The principle investigator and the LCR Finance Officer meet to discuss the financial arrangements.
  • Copies of the following documents as they are developed will be submitted to LCR Finance for inclusion in a file pertaining to the grant in question.
    • Approval Form
    • Original application and cover letter
    • Partner application if appropriate
    • Letter of acceptance
    • Original budget proposal plus any changes
    • Funder guidelines for accounting procedures
    • Funder guidelins for reports and evaluation requirements.
    • Project plan if available
    • Thank you letter
    • Final Report