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Media Walls

Two 8 - screen media walls are located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the TFDL. These walls are available for booking in consultation with LCR IT.


  • Highlight, support, promote University of Calgary events, exhibitions, creative endeavours
  • Support innovative collaborative efforts
  • Showcase LCR collections
  • Maximize the use of the technology including support of research initiatives


  • Bookings will be placed after a consultative meeting with the IT Generalist or designate and suitable digital files are submitted to the IT Generalist. Initial consultation should be requested via email to
  • Digital files are submitted 10 working days prior to placement on walls
  • Describe event or story with pertinent information (date, time, location) as appropriate
  • Use few words and large fonts as viewers are often 4-8’ away
  • Check for accuracy
  • Material layout should be designed as a slide or series of slides (no single slide submissions)
  • Material must be visually appealing and LCR holds the right to reject content if they don't meet our standards
  • Material must be in JPEG format
  • Size format: Landscape: 7680px (width) x 2160px (height)
  • Bookings are managed through a calendar with access by the Head of Digital Media and Technology Services, Digital Media Consultant, and the IT Generalist

Bookings may be altered or interrupted depending upon unit or institutional need. Every effort will be made to ensure this doesn’t happen but if it is required, the display owner will be contacted to discuss alternate arrangements.


Please note: for ease of scanning, image and video quality has been decreased.

3D Printer Promotion

We wanted to promote our new accessible service to students and researchers as an opportunity to test their concepts in a real-world scenario.

Libraries and Cultural Resources Promotion

These are 10 of the 80 slides we created to highlight various areas of Libraries and Cultural Resources.

Exam Time Tips

Adapted from Deakin University, these graphics were meant to create a lighthearted tone as students walked into the library.

Open Access Week

As part of the global Open Access event, we wanted to promote events the University of Calgary was hosting.

Special Events


We wanted to welcome conference attendees to the Designing Libraries and Access Conference that the University of Calgary hosted in the fall of 2014.