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Procedures for Ordering Monographs


Electronic Selection:

Selection profiles are set up in approval plans for individual liaison librarians. The profile generates Electronic slips and the selection process is done online.

For instructions on using electronic slips with GOBI, refer to these documents:

Approval Plans:

Profiles are designed to be subject based or by publisher(s).   

New books arrive regularly according to profiles.  Titles can be checked on the new by fund report by entering the approval funds.  This report will let you link into the catalogue record:

Paper Selection Slips:

Paper selection slips are distributed to liaison librarians by Collections Services. The slips received are determined by your new title profiles set up with our vendors. Contact Collection Services when adjustments need to be made. For ordering, the selected item should be funded and initialed and then returned to Collections Services.    

Publishers' Catalogues and Blurbs:

Publishers' catalogues and blurbs are distributed to liaison librarians by Collections Services. To order a title from a blurb or publisher's catalogue, a book recommendation should be submitted.   

Wish Lists:

Wish lists from Faculty or book lists prepared by liaison librarians can be used as selection tools. To order a title from wish list, a book recommendation should be submitted. 

Procedures for ordering titles from blurbs, publishers' catalogues, and wish lists:

  • 1. Selectors indicate fund numbers and write initials beside selected titles in blurbs, publishers' catalogues, or wish lists and then send them to Collections Services.
  • 2. Collections Services staff check marked items against the Library Catalogue and print book recommendations for titles not being held by the library, in formats of green form or bibliographic record printout from online search.
  • 3. Collections Services send book recommendations to selector via campus mail.
  • 4. Selectors authorize (sign or initial) book recommendations and return to Collections Services.

Collections Services count authorized book orders and validate fund numbers prior to entering them into the system in order to create an order record. * Selectors have the option of preparing book orders themselves to save a few steps. 

Special Orders


RUSH orders are processed quickly as first priority. Make sure they are clearly marked RUSH in red and placed in a prominent position.

B. Out-of-print:

Out-of-print selections must be handled on a priority basis. Orders are prepared on blue forms and rushed to Collections Services where orders are faxed or phoned to reserve one-of-a-kind items.

C. Reserve:

Books destined for Reserve are ordered at the Circulation Desk on pink forms by faculty directly.

D. Replacement:

Selectors can recommend replacement orders for missing items by requesting to use the common Replacement Fund authorized by Collections Services.

E. Added Copy:

An added copy of a title already held by the Library can be ordered as appropriate. For ordering, in addition to initials and fund, selectors should mark ADDED COPY on the printout of Library Catalogue Record selected.

F. Expensive Item:

If a single volume costs over $500 CDN, the Head, Collections Services must also sign the book recommendation. The University Librarian must also sign items over $1,000 CDN.

For more information, troubleshooting or unusual requests, contact staff as noted below.

Approval Plans, New Title Profiles & Electronic Selection - Molly Taylor 403-220-3797