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Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR) operates seven University of Calgary libraries on campus and across the city. Included in LCR are two art galleries — the Nickle Galleries and the Founders' Gallery at The Military Museums — as well as Archives and Special Collections, the University of Calgary Copyright Office, Research Data Centre and the University of Calgary Press.

LCR develops, preserves and provides access to archival materials as well as large collections of print, digital and three-dimensional objects. This unique organizational structure provides a key strategic advantage to researchers and makes information, regardless of format, readily available.

Subject Librarians, Special Collections Librarians, Archivists, and Curators are available to assist with accessing information from our collection or from the collections of other institutions.

University of Calgary Libraries

More than 7.8 million items are housed at the High Density Storage Facility and seven university libraries: the Taylor Family Digital Library, Doucette Library, Bennett Jones Law Library, Business Library, Gallagher Library, Health Sciences Library and the Library and Archives at The Military Museums.

Archives and Special Collections

Archives and Special Collections image

More than four kilometres of archival records including theses, yearbooks, campus newspapers and the private archives of influential Canadians. From comic books and science fiction to the Canadian Architectural Archives and the papers of Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro, the holdings in Archives and Special Collections attract researchers from around the world.

University of Calgary Press

Publisher of peer-reviewed scholarly work that makes a difference and moves the conversation forward. Books disseminate research and explore a sense of place in western Canada, the relevance of history in our lives and our impact on the world. The University of Calgary Press is a leader in Open Access publishing, making scholarly research accessible worldwide. 

Nickle Galleries

A recognized museum that delivers public exhibitions and programs through collaborations on campus and in the wider community. The Nickle has three areas of focus: modern and contemporary art with an emphasis on western Canada, numismatics with strength in ancient coins and modern paper money and decorative arts with an emphasis on Asian rugs and textiles.

Library and Archives, The Military Museums

A joint project of the University of Calgary and The Military Museums housing items related to military history and strategic studies with an emphasis on Canada. Included is the Chicksands Collection, one of the largest collections of military-related texts in a Canadian academic library.

University of Calgary Copyright Office 

Guidance for faculty, staff and students to ensure compliance with the Canadian Copyright Act when preparing course materials – particularly when using third-party materials – for lectures, handouts and online postings. Fair dealing and theses guidelines available for students. Presentations offered for faculties and departments on current copyright policies and procedures.